Getting Started

How do I open a Free Demo Account?

Click here and follow the instructions. Demo accounts are valid for at least 30 days.

How do I open a Live Account?

Click here and follow the instructions.

What are the account opening minimums?

USD 500 or equivalent for ActTrader or Metatrader 4; USD 2,500 or equivalent for Metatrader 4 Managed accounts.

What are the margin requirements?

$500 per lot for Standard and Institutional Forex; $50 per lot for ActTrader. Please see the specifications page for lot sizes and other details.

How do I add funds to my account?

Via bank wire transfer, credit card, or check. Please see our Deposits page for more details.

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

Withdrawals must be submitted online. After filling out the online form, click Print-friendly for a printable version, sign it, and return it to GCI via email. The form may be scanned and emailed to [email protected]

Please be sure that you have completed all fields, including contact information and signature.  Withdrawal forms that are not fully completed, submitted online and also signed and emailed to us will not be processed

Technical Support

New: Login to your GCI account with new, faster software. This will resolve any browser or Java related problems Download here!

The information listed below will allow you to resolve some common technical problems.  If after reviewing the solutions below you are still encountering technical difficulties, please contact GCI at [email protected].

When attempting to login to the Trading Platform, the error message "No JDK x.x support for APPLET!!" is displayed.

Solution: GCI's trading system requires Java Runtime Environment ("JRE") in order to operate.  If JRE is not already on your computer, it should download automatically when you attempt to access our login page, showing the following prompt:


Click "Install" and follow the on-screen prompts to download this software.  If it does not install automatically, you can download and install in manually from the website.  Alternatively, you can login to your GCI account using PC-based software, which does not require JRE.  This will resolve any browser or Java related problems.  Download the PC-based software here

Error message "Insufficient privileges for this operation" when login is attempted.

Solution: Either your 30-day Free demo account has expired, or you are logging into the wrong account type.  Make sure you are logging into the proper CFD or Forex (demo or Live version).  If your demo account has expired, please register for a new one here.

Error message "Wrong login name or password" is displayed when attempting login.

Solution: First, make sure you are logging into the appropriate "CFD Trading", "Forex Trading" demo login, depending on which type of account you requested.  All three Demo logins can be accessed from  Second, make sure you are typing your User Name and Password exactly as shown on the e-mail that you received, paying attention to which letters are upper case and which are lower case.

Certain menu items (Charts, News, User Manual) do not display when selected from the Trading Platform.

Solution:  Hold down the "Ctrl" key when clicking on these menu items.  This will allow these pages to display through most "pop-up blocker" settings.

Charts do not display properly.

Solution: Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment. This should download automatically when you try to access the charts, but if it does not, you can download it here. Also, make sure you click on "Always" if prompted with whether or not to trust content from ActForex.

Error message "Java.Lang.ClassNotFoundException:Hello.HelloApplet" when login is attempted.

Solution: You may have had a temporary loss of your internet connection to our servers, and the page displaying the error message is now cached. There are two solutions: 1) delete your temporary internet files (Tools, Internet Options, Delete Files, Delete all offline content), close all browsers, then re-open your browser window and try again. In addition, re-starting your computer will often fix this problem; or 2) Login using the new windows-based Software, which can be downloaded here. This software does not use Java and will not encounter any such errors.

Java plugin cannot be downloaded, error message states that the "file is corrupt" / Download stalls and must be cancelled.

Solution: This can be caused by a large number of users accessing this file at once. The same plugin can be downloaded by accessing the website. Choose "Run this program from its current location"  and answer "Yes" and "Next" to all of the prompts.  You can also save this file to disk if you wish and run it from that location (by double clicking on it or using "Start", "Run", "Browse").

Browser window closes when login or software download is attempted.

Solution: Click on your "Start" button and select "Windows Update" (this will take you to and then "Product Updates".  Download any "Critical Updates" from the Microsoft web page.  Also make sure you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer, which can be downloaded for free from here.

The system needs to work through a corporate Firewall.

Solution: Most corporations use firewalls, so if you are using our system from a corporate location and it is not functioning (e.g., you cannot access the relevant pages), your network administrator will need to open the following ports: 

To access Demo or Live trading: port 8100 8214 8036 8017 9017 9036

To access Live Back office reports: ports 8100 4017 4036

To access Demo Back office reports: ports 8100 4494 4493

To access GCI Live charts: port 8017 8036

To access Demo Registration: port 9900

Once the software is installed and login has been achieved, client experiences frequent connection errors or "freezing" of the trading window.

Click on your "Start" button and select "Settings" and then "Control Panel".  Double click on "Add/Remove programs".  Remove any Java 1.2 or 1.3 plugins, which will be listed alphabetically.  Re-install the proper plugin from the website.

Additional Tips:

  1. Downloading critical windows updates can resolve many problems, both with the GCI system and with Windows in general. Click on your "Start" button and select "Windows Update" (this will take you to and then "Product Updates".  Download any "Critical Updates" from the Microsoft web page.

  2. MAC OS users: Mac Users will need to purchase and install Windows emulation software in order to use the GCI trading system.  Please see - purchase price is approximately $240.00.  Then just open a live account with GCI, trade at least 20 lots round turn (or 200 mini lots), and we will credit the purchase price of the software to your trading account.  You'll always have the windows emulation software on your Mac, which you can use to run other windows based applications if desired.