If you know someone who might be interested in trading Forex and wants to start with the right broker, or someone who is already trading with another broker but is looking for better results, this is a great time to talk to them about GCI. 


Earn Real Cash for yourself and your referrals!

If anyone you refer to us opens a Live Account, we will credit your personal account with a Real Cash Deposit, as well as the account of your referral!  This is in addition to any bonus margin or other promotions. 

How do my referrals open a GCI Live Account?

Simply ask your referrals to complete the online account application on GCI's website; in the "Where did you hear about GCI" field, your friend needs to select "Other" and then input your GCI account number. 

How and when will I get my cash?

Once the account of your referral is funded, both you and your referral account will be credited with the cash deposit amount shown above.



*Certain conditions apply.